10 Best Yoga Pants for Men

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Regular yoga practice has a number of advantages, including less stress, better sleep quality, and reduced injury risk. Wearing the appropriate clothing will help you get the most out of your practice. 

Yoga pants are made to allow for the complete range of motion that is essential for advanced yoga poses. Men should choose pants that are specifically made to provide the finest coverage, support, and fabrication for this energising workout, whether they are wearing fitted or loose clothing. 

Here are some great men’s yoga pants, with options for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

What are the essential yoga clothes for men?

While yoga leggings are often associated with dedicated yogis who rarely miss an opportunity to namecheck their favourite instructor over a flat white, a comprehensive yoga kit for men is often a simple combination of a T-shirt and either shorts or yoga pants. However, the best yoga clothes for men are the ones you feel comfortable in! Here are some options.

Gym clothes vs. Yoga clothes

The majority of us men are drawn to yoga because of its physical benefits. So it’s tempting to believe that we should just go to the yoga studio in our workout clothes. 

While this is true in certain ways, you should also ensure that your athletic wear is comfortable, breathable, simple to move in, and effectively absorbs sweat. That means those old cargo shorts you wore to the gym for a weightlifting session might not be the ideal pick for yoga, when you’ll be bending, twisting, and stretching in a variety of positions. 

When it comes to choosing the best yoga gear for men, fit is also crucial, as loose-fitting shirts might end up sliding up and causing discomfort in poses like downward dog or headstands. 

Tops: cotton vs. synthetic

T-shirts and tank-tops are the obvious suspects when it comes to what guys should wear on top during yoga. The majority of tops are constructed of 100% cotton, natural fibres, or synthetic fibres.

Cotton: Cotton is a very comfortable fabric to wear. It also helps to keep you warm. However, if you live in hotter climates or if you are doing a hot yoga class, cotton t-shirts or tank-tops will soak up a sweat very quickly. This can make you feel very sticky and uncomfortable.

Synthetic: Shirts made of synthetic materials, in general, wick sweat away from your skin. In addition, a synthetic T-shirt is substantially lighter than a cotton T-shirt. They are easy to wash, dry faster, and last significantly longer than cotton.

Cotton vs. synthetic:

  • Cotton has the ability to absorb up to 8% of its weight in water. The majority of synthetic materials will absorb less than 1%. 
  • Synthetic t-shirts allow five times the amount of air to pass through than cotton t-shirts. 
  • Moisture is sucked out of your skin by synthetics. Cotton absorbs it and traps it adjacent to your skin. 
  • T-shirts made of synthetic materials are lighter. They’re around 60% the weight of a cotton t-shirt. 


What kind of yoga pants can guys wear? Guys can choose between shorts and long pants for their bottoms. The majority of men have a preference, and it all boils down to overall comfort and movement.

Shorts: Long pants are recommended if you are doing yoga in a chilly climate. Shorts are a better alternative if you are practising in a warmer climate (such as a hot yoga class or Bikram yoga). 

Men’s yoga bottoms are now available from brands like Lulemon, but most men will get by with a nice pair of running or basketball shorts. Wear a decent pair of supportive briefs underneath if you’re going to a yoga session in loose-fitting shorts to avoid any unintentional flashes.

Long pants: For most guys, looser-fitting yoga pants are a good choice. 

When it comes to long pants, you have two options: keep it simple with a pair of well-fitting track pants or joggers, or go all out with full-on yoga pants. If you decide to go for yoga pants, you’ll want to make sure you buy a pair that fits properly.

  • Tight pants: If you do a lot of Vinyasa sessions or other yoga sessions that require a lot of movement, you might want to go for a close fit so the material doesn’t get in the way when you’re moving. Here, full-on yoga leggings/tights will work. 
  • Loose pants: Alternatively, if tight-fitting yoga pants aren’t you’re thing, you might want to try a pair of loose fitting pants. This kind of style is like the yoga version of track pants/joggers. Of course, you could also simply go for a pair of good fitting cuffed pants.

What to consider when choosing yoga clothing

When purchasing yoga clothing, there are four primary factors to consider: comfort, fit, material, and price.

  • Comfort: As previously stated, when it comes to choosing yoga pants for guys, comfort is crucial. When you’re comfortable and unrestrained in your yoga practice, you can devote all of your concentration to each posture rather than fiddling with ill-fitting clothing.
  • Fit: If you’re used to buying clothes for the gym or sports, you’re probably used to buying clothes that are looser fitting. Yoga, on the other hand, necessitates clothing that is more snug and form-fitting. This will keep your clothing from slipping up and hindering your movement in certain poses. Tighter clothing has the extra benefit of making it much easier to be aware of your body’s angles.
  • Material: Materials were mentioned earlier, but to sum: prioritize clothes made of materials that are sweat-absorbent, lightweight, stretchable, and durable.
  • Price: Price is a significant consideration for anyone purchasing new yoga equipment. While you shouldn’t spend $100 on a pair of designer yoga pants, you shouldn’t scrimp on quality in order to save money. Make sure the yoga pants you purchase are tough enough to stand up to these challenges. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more money in the long term on replacement clothes.

What are the best yoga pants for men?

Yoga trousers are made to allow for the complete range of motion that is essential for complicated yoga poses. Men should choose pants that are specifically made to provide the finest coverage, support, and fabrication for this energising workout, whether they are wearing fitted or loose clothing. 

These are the best men’s yoga pants on the market, with options for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

1. Best overall: Kühl Freeflex pants


Are you looking for sag-resistant pants? The Kühl Freeflex pants are made without spandex, keep their shape all day and won’t sag or bag with time, even after numerous washes. 

The fashionable tapered yoga pants are both comfortable and stylish, and can be worn in the studio or out on the town. Stretchy, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, they’re made of Kühl’s unique Freeflex fabric, ensuring a comfortable, restriction-free yoga practice. Water and sweat bead straight off because they’re treated with a durable water repellent finish.

These slim-fit pants have a wide, adjustable waistline and taper at the ankle, giving you the freedom of a flexible fit. They have four pockets: two zip pockets on the hips, one back pocket, and a hidden cell phone pocket. The pants also include a gusseted crotch, which gives them greater room and flexibility. They’re the best men’s yoga pants if you’re looking for overall performance.

2. Best comfortable: Vuori Ponto Pocket Performance Pants


The Ponto Performance Pants are the pair you’ll wear every day for the next five days. These pants are so comfortable that they’ll take you from yoga to the grocery store and double as a great vacation outfit. 

The Vuori pants are a lightweight, breathable four-way stretch jersey fabric that keeps you comfortable and cool during your workout. The moisture-wicking, buttery soft fabric is sweat-resistant and quick-drying. Three pockets—two on the front and one on the back—provide extra storage options for valuables during your yoga practice.

3. Best jersey: Nike Dri-FIT men’s yoga pants


These yoga pants are made of a jersey fabric that has the perfect amount of elasticity and softness. The sleek Nike yoga pants have a tapered leg and are the perfect addition to any fashion-forward athlete’s outfit. 

Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology keeps you cool and dry no matter how sweaty you get during your workout, thanks to a gently brushed lining and Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology. The spacious crotch area is great for yoga since it allows athletes to move freely and change positions without feeling restricted.

4. Best style: ALO lounge moto jogger


With ALO’s Technical Moto Jogger, you’ll be the best-dressed person in the studio. This pant has a relaxed fit and tapered leg, making it both fashionable and functional. The conventional jogger gets some edge thanks to moto-inspired panelling along the knees and ribbed ankle cuffs. 

Breathability and all-day comfort are provided by the ultra-soft, moisture-wicking double knit terry fabric. Three zip pockets—two in the front and one in the back— also enhance the pant’s elegance and versatility.

5. Best wide leg: prAna men’s Vaha yoga pant


This yoga pant has it all: it’s eco-friendly, has a roomy, relaxed fit that allows for full range of motion, and a secure belt that prevents slipping. It’s also soft and supple enough to withstand yoga positions and deep stretches. 

The pant is composed of a sustainable woven hemp blend that is both breathable and durable, and the wide-leg fit is suitable for both studio wear and casual weekend apparel.

6. Best shorts: Yoga Crow Swerve shorts


Do you dislike it when your shorts ride up and gather around your thighs? The Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts are made to stay put. These performance shorts have a four-way stretch that flows with the body and are made of a soft and flexible nylon and polyester blend. This means you won’t have to worry about exposing your thighs during inversions because these constructed shorts will stay put. 

The shorts don’t dig in and keep everything secure during your workout thanks to an odor-resistant, antibacterial boxer brief liner. Swerve Shorts with and without pockets are available from Yoga Crow to suit the demands of any yogi.

7. Best leggings: Baleaf compression pants


The see-through-proof BALEAF yoga pants keep athletes comfortable and covered during tough workouts. The lightweight fabric has the ideal combination of flexibility, compression, and durability, as well as sweat-wicking and quick-drying qualities. These are some of the best men’s yoga tights out there!

These full-length leggings lie just below the waist and have a gusseted crotch for added mobility. The elastic waistline and side pockets, which are deep enough to carry a cell phone, provide additional support.

8. Best for hot yoga


For hot yoga practitioners, these shorts are a must-have. The JD Short is a fitting stretch performance short made from a recycled polyester blend that was designed specifically for rigorous yoga practice. 

The classic style hits at the mid-thigh and has a strong elastic waistband. Side seams that are articulated add visual interest and flatter the thigh.

9. Best capris: HDE workout jogger


The HDE capri pants will improve your activewear game. This slim, three-quarter-length yoga pants falls just below the knee and is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps sweat off the mat. 

These breathable, sweat-wicking crops, made of 95 percent cotton and 5% spandex, are fitted but not too tight, and they’re flexible enough to move with you in every yoga pose. The waistband is adjustable for comfort and security, and there are two side pockets for added convenience. These are also the best budget yoga pants for men as they are less than $22!

10. Best travel: Gaiam Travelers pants


These athletic pants are the ideal transition garment from the studio to a weekend trip to New York. The tapered pants are made of a smooth, flexible fabric and has a thin fit that’s perfect for commuting to yoga class or sightseeing. The moisture-wicking, super stretch fabric feels like sportswear. 

The Gaiam Travelers Pants are made of 100% polyester and come with a five-pocket design, a zip fly, and a button closing. The pants are also machine washable, which is a huge plus.

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