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Why we love yoga pants

There are so many reasons every woman is in love with yoga pants, and we couldn’t be happier about their return to fame! This type of leggings used to be reserved for yoga or working out, but this has changed for many people. Yoga pants are now considered a perfectly acceptable, even fashionable,  piece of clothing for everyday wear and activities. They usually can be found in every closet in North America, and for good reason:


It doesn’t get more comfortable than yoga apparel!

Contrary to what many would believe, yoga pants are extremely comfortable despite being form fitting. These pants were made to allow athletes to move as freely as possible and to be perfectly adjusted to your body, thanks to a very stretchy blend of materials, usually spandex and polyester. 

You can also count on yoga pants to stay in place when you are moving, and they have the advantage of not becoming see-through when you bend over. You can rest easy knowing you are wearing clothing built to hold its shape and make you look flawless under any conditions. You will rarely find pants that can be worn just as well casually, for training or at home, don’t miss out!


Top performances during sport and physical training

Let’s not forget that yoga pants were created with physical performances in mind, with the objective that people forget they are wearing them. These breathable, stretchy pants allow for great movement and adjust well to fit each body perfectly. Typically, yoga pants are a spandex and polyester blend and are similar to leggings.

They also differentiate themselves from normal leggings by their breathability and ability to eliminate moisture thanks to sweat wicking fabric!

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Yoga pants for woman

Yoga pants for woman

Yoga pants, at least for a while, were reserved for workouts and physical activity, not as casual wear. This has changed, especially since the beginning of 2021, where they have become a true fashionable clothing piece you could wear in a variety of situations! The perfect combination of comfort and style is now available to you. The real challenge becomes finding the right pair for you! Are you looking for a pair you will use in high-intensity training? This would mandate a pair made in sweat wicking material, while yoga pants to be worn casually can be from a more affordable material.
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Yoga pants for men

Yoga pants for men

Many men opt to use yoga pants during their actual yoga, physical training or activities for many reasons: they are comfortable, breathable, simple to move in, and effectively absorb sweat. The two larger categories are shorts and long pants. Men should choose pants that are specifically made to provide the finest coverage, support, and fabrication for this energizing workout, whether they are wearing fitted or loose clothing.
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Ass yoga pants

Ass yoga pants

Ahh, the famous butt sculpting yoga pants! They have positioned themselves as an alternative to spending hundreds of hours in the gym on the squat rack, and have grown in popularity in recent years. Social media like Tiktok have done a great job showing the wonders these pants can do for your backside.
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Plus size yoga pants

Plus size yoga pants

Finding plus size yoga pants is often a challenge: some will refuse to stay around your waist while others end up being too tight around the calves and ankles. You might even have problems with materials becoming transparent when you squat, which we all would like to avoid! However, this will no longer be the reality! Manufacturers of plus-size activewear are beginning to create products including fresh colours, unique patterns and designs, and stylish themes ranging from animal print to tie-dye for extended sizes.
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Choosing the right product for you!

What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Yoga pants and leggings ultimately look pretty similar so what’s the difference? Although some people beg to differ, yoga pants are not the same as leggings. The primary and most important difference between the two is that yoga pants are for athletics versus leggings, which don’t have a specific market. 


What defines yoga pants?

  • Yoga pants target those in sports and fitness and feature materials that are better for those environments, 
  • Additionally, these types of pants are not always tights. They come as sweatpants, wide-leg yoga pants, and capris while leggings are always skin-tight.
  • Yoga pants are better for fitness and if you’re plus sized and want something that won’t stretch out or become see-through. What makes yoga pants great is that they’re double material in many areas and sweat wicking which helps you regulate temperature. 


Leggings are great too, but for different things!

Typically, leggings are for more casual wear and don’t have the same insulated design as yoga pants. Basically, while yoga pants are considered fitness or activewear that you can also casually wear, leggings are designed to wear during anything but exercise, as they may be too thin.

How do I choose the best yoga pants?

With so many available options of pants out there, it is important to know what elements to consider before buying a pair. There are three main characteristics to keep in mind when shopping for yoga pants: their intended use, their level of comfort and their additional features!

What will you use them for?

There are two different types of yoga pants users, those who practice yoga and those who want us to think they practice yoga. Both are perfectly acceptable reasons to buy a new pair. However this different usage mandates different characteristics, starting with the material.

Yoga is a sport where the elasticity of your apparel will be put to the test continuously, with different poses stretching your yoga pants in different directions. In order for your session to go smoothly, you need a pair of pants that will hold and maintain their shape, and after a few times the difference between yoga pants and simple leggings will show. Materials such as spandex and polyester blends will do nicely thanks to their elastic properties and are the go to for higher-end yoga pants available. There are no prices too big to pay to avoid your pants ripping midway through a yoga class!

We want you to look good and feel good

There are different materials that are more appropriate to certain activities, with varying levels of performance. If you are looking for casual wear, about any will do and your choice becomes an aesthetic one: colour, patterns, waistband, brand, etc. Performance is not an issue!

However, if you are looking to get serious about yoga, to use your pants during high-intensity training in the weight room, when running or when biking, having sweat wicking fabric can make a world of difference. 

Sweat wicking makes your workout or physical training a lot more comfortable. The material will collect the sweat your body produces and allow it to evaporate. This means you can stay dry and cooler for a longer period of time instead of having sweat sit in your workout clothes. It already sounds like a good deal but there is more! Thanks to sweat wicking yoga pants, you can say goodbye to those awkward sweat patches on your clothes or on your yoga mat or machine.

Choose features that will improve your experience!

There are many small details that can bring your yoga pants to the next level, adding functionality to comfort. A great example is pockets!

Do not underestimate the importance of having pockets, both on a normal outing and in the gym. Not everyone is comfortable leaving some of their belongings by themselves, for example during a yoga class. Having your most valuable items with you (phone, credit cards, money, etc.) is reassuring and allows you to enjoy your activity with a clear mind! Having items such as your phone on you at all times reduces the chances of theft but is also extremely convenient, allowing you to listen to music without having to hold it in your hands at all times. 

Another important detail to look for when shopping for a new pair of yoga pants is the seamless option! Obviously, it is not an essential feature of the pants and you will still be able to enjoy them, but seamless yoga pants are those that will truly feel like a second skin, not to mention their slick look!

Can I find fashionable yoga pants?

If you are worried about the styles, don’t be. Most athletic companies have expanded their yoga pant styles to match the fashion demands of today’s consumers. They realize that many of us want to look like we do yoga, but don’t actually do it – and that’s okay. 

Now the big companies like Lululemon, Alo Yoga, JyLab, Nike, etc. all make fashionable yoga pants for everyday wear. Whether you are on a budget or you’re ready to invest now in a high quality, durable pair of pants, you will have access to thousands of options: models, features, colors, you name it!

Are yoga pants warmer than jeans or leggings?

According to what we found, yoga pants keep you warm as long as they are made well. Typically, yoga pants have insulation to keep you from breaking a sweat during a workout, leading to colder temperatures being unbearable. Between the options we came across, fleece-lined and thermal yoga pants will keep you the warmest in cooler climates. It is super important to be picky with your yoga pants because some can be misleading.

How tight should yoga pants fit?

Although they are designed for a tight fit, the last thing you want are yoga pants that are too small for you! What you are looking for is a fit that allows for a full range of motion and where you do not feel constricted. Here are some tricks to know if your yoga pants are too big or too small!

    1. This one is obvious, but if they hurt when you move, they are too small
    2. If you see any marks or chafing on your body after wearing them, your pants are probably too small. They should fit like a second skin!
    3. Do a movement test! If you see the material becoming shiny, it is overstretching. If it becomes see through and shows your underwear, try looking for a bigger size.
    4. More often than not, horizontal wrinkling in the crotch is telling you the size is wrong. Similarly, if your hips or stomach pools over the waistband, this might not be the size for you!
The elasticity of your leggings

Do yoga pants stretch over time?

Over time, some brands of leggings do stretch out. This happens as the material starts to wear out or after the pants have been washed several times. Another cause of stretching is improper washing of the yoga pants.

As the elasticity of your leggings goes down, they will stretch more. If your clothing is made of spandex, it is more likely to stretch over time. Your pants may also appear stretched out if you have lost weight.